LipSlide band is a male-female Alternative Pop duo consisting of members Micah Sounds and Tess Elise. While both have written and played music for most of their lives, it wasn’t until the beginning of 2016 that they decided to join forces and perform together. Their music pulls from a broad range of influences, but it has a sound reminiscent of popular musicians like Ellie Goulding, Twenty One Pilots, and Imagine Dragons. Through the process of songwriting, both Tess and Micah have been able to fulfill their passion for connecting the new with the old. They embrace the new wave of electronic sounds and vocal effects while still studying and pulling inspiration from the hits and genres of previous generations. Beat-driven, bold-faced, and well-blended, the music of LipSlide has a sound that sticks even after the song is over.


Also, if you’re a musician looking for a producer, feel free to reach out to Micah!


Their debut EP will hit the internet on March 20th, but check out their first single here: