Pittsburgh, PA – Donald Trump held a big rally yesterday and announced a plan that is out of this world. The Republican candidate spoke about his usual racist and crazy plans for American, but took it when step further when telling his fans that he plans to build a ceiling over the United States to keep aliens out of the country.

Whether you believe in aliens or not, the talk of beings from space has been all over the news lately. Stephen Hawking plans to invest one million dollars into to finding alien life and a previous chief of staff member for the White House disclosed information that the United States have been covering up the existence of extra terrestrials for decades now. After Trump read about these things, he decided he would come up with an idea to keep these beings away from our country.

“I want to build a wall to keep illegal aliens out,” Trump told his supporters in Pittsburgh. “But that’s not enough. I will build a ceiling over our wonderful country to make sure no little green men try to enter here and take all of our jobs.”

None of Trump’s fans were at all thrown off by this and the plan has somehow gotten the billionaire an even bigger following.