Hollywood, CA – There are so many fictional bands that fade away when the television show or movie they come from are no longer relevant. Stillwater from Almost Famous, The Wonders from That Thing You Do, and The Folksmen from A Mighty Wind are some of these bands that we follow in love with, go on a journey with them, and then never find out more about after the credits roll. Luckily, thanks to a billionaire who has an obsession with Lost and Parenthood, we will now have the chance to see two of the greatest fictional television bands live.

Dominic Ritter, a software developer who recently sold his start up tech company for 1.3 billion dollar, has been enjoying his time off since selling his business. He owns a yacht that he takes to his newly owned private island, has stock in three different professional sports teams, and now owns a mini golf course that he grew up playing at. With plenty of money left, the J.J. Abrams and Jason Katims enthusiast has invested a good amount of his fortune into rounding up the bands from both television shows.

The two bands will be announcing their tour schedule on their website within the next week. Check out driverome.com for more info!