Hell – Ryan Seacrest has quite the entertainment resume. He was the original host of American Idol, he runs his own radio station, and he unfortunately created Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It wasn’t long after he created the series that there were spinoffs, perfumes, fashion lines, and more. When it comes to the downfall of America, the Kardashian family is really what started it all. Soon enough, there were more reality shows full of talentless families, million dollar book deals for people with boring stories, and the success of Donald Trump on his way to the presidency.

We recently caught up with Lucifer to find out who is expected to end up down below in the fiery depths of Hell when their time has come to an end on Earth. The leader of the underworld listed off politicians, musicians, actors, and corrupt business people. Towards the end of his list was Georgia’s Ryan Seacrest. When asked why the popular radio host was set to wind up in Hell, the Devil told us it is “100% because he created the Kardashians.” He went on to say that Seacrest is responsible for “contributing to the downfall of America, stealing the spotlight from talented people who actually deserve it, and putting anyone’s face on the cover of a magazine who has no skills whatsoever.

While we were surprised at first to hear this from the Devil himself, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. And according to Satan, “almost every reality television star, or person responsible for the success of them will end up down here with me.” 

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