Småland, Sweden – Igvar Feodor Kamprad, the founder of the billion-dollar furniture brand IKEA, passed away yesterday morning peacefully in his home. The business magnate had been ill for the past few weeks and was released from Findabar Hospital on Wednesday to live the rest of his time at home. Kamprad was surrounded by his family, who since his death have had trouble setting up the funeral arrangements.

“It hasn’t been easy,” Peter Kamprad told us this morning. “Not only are we trying to figure out the next steps for the family business, but we haven’t had a lot of luck with the funeral homes we’ve reached out to so far.” Peter and his siblings reached out to five different funeral homes within the Småland area, but every person they spoke to was not keen of IKEA and their furniture.

If you’ve ever bought anything from Ikea, you know it’s almost impossible to put together. The directions are flawed and you somehow end up with one extra screw or nail, which drives you close to the point of insanity. “Everyone we talked to gave us attitude as soon as we told them who the funeral was for,” Peter recalled. “They told us they would love to accommodate our needs at this time, but they would be giving us a coffin to build from scratch.”