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Study Shows Men Have a 31.6% Chance of Dating Taylor Swift

Study Shows Men Have a 31.6% Chance of Dating Taylor Swift


Cambridge MA – Within what seemed like moments after returning from a vacation with her then boyfriend, Calvin Harris, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift packed her bags and headed out on vacation with her new boyfriend, Tom Hiddelston, who plays opposite Chris Hemsworth in the Thor franchise. Swift has been known for dating many different men, but it seems she’s going through them even faster these days. The “Love Story” singer has dated John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhal, and Taylor Lautner, just to name a few, and she has also dated small town people. A mathematician professor at MIT just ran a study to see what the possibility of dating Taylor Swift is and it’s higher than you’d think.

Yao Ping, who attended MIT before working there, has some down time this summer. The Honk Kong native decided to run a study based off of probability, but he couldn’t come up with a topic. “I first saw the news about Swift on a magazine at the hair dresser,” Ping told us. “Then on my television, news stands at the super market; the story of her and Hiddleston were everywhere. So I decided I would check the probability of dating Taylor Swift one day.

Ping looked at how many men Taylor Swift has dated so far, how many days she has dated them for, the average age she’ll live to, and how many men there are on the planet. “It was a lot of interesting research,” Ping recalls. “I read more People magazine than I wanted to.” Ping came up with an answer that all men, and men that haven’t even been born yet, have a 31.6% chance of one day dating Taylor Swift. Chat Conversation End Type a message…