Cupertino, CA – Yesterday afternoon, Apple CEO Tim Cook got together a small group of tech reviewers, investors, and other notable Mac enthusiasts to announce a new update on the iPhone and other similar products. For the past few years, we have grown to love Siri. Her help with directions, her sass, the way she does not give away any Game of Thrones spoilers. There was even an Oscar-nominated film inspired by Siri where the main character falls in love with his intelligent personal assistant. Up until now, Siri was recorded by voice-over artist Susan Bennett. Cook announced that the new voice for the iOS 10 update will be voiced by none other than Fran Drescher.

The New York comedienne is most recognizable as the star of The Nanny. Drescher hasn’t been in front of the camera too much since the show ended at the turn of the new millennium. Though she has kept her name somewhat relevant, she has been busy recording over a trillion words and phrases over the last few years at the Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

The Nanny was my favorite show back in the day,” Cook told us following his announcement. “It still is. I’ve always loved Drescher’s wit and I thought she would be perfect for the new voice of Siri. We are completely honored and humbled here at Apple that Fran was up for the role.

You can beta test the upgrade now. Other than that, it should be available at the end of the month.