Hollywood, CA – Lucky members of Hollywood and the press attended a private screening of the newest film in the Bourne franchise last night. The sixth film in the series, The Bourne Return, sees Damon back in his original role, trying to avoid the people who made him who he is or whatever the premise of these movies is. While Jeremy Renner, who played the lead character in the 2012 The Bourne Legacy, did not return for this film, there is a good chance he could return for one of the upcoming sequels depending on his scheduling with the Avengers franchise. While this screening was a very early version of Paul Greengrass’ newest film, we have learned that the whole 2 hour, 40 minute running time of the action thriller is just exterior shots of buildings.

An unknown Reddit user, who either attended the film or somehow got a hold of a copy of the screening, uploaded it earlier this morning. While the film does have pretty good steadiness and audio for someone sneaking a camera into n elite screening, it is quite boring to watch. We sat through the sequel this morning to see if the comments were correct and the film was just shots of buildings, and unfortunately, it’s true.

Although the credits of the film list stars such as Damon and Julie Stiles, nobody actually shows in front of the camera. The film is literally almost three hours of government buildings. The White House, The Pentagon, The Hungarian Parliament, these are just some of the 1,000s of buildings that are seen throughout the film. The movie plays out more like a film directed by Ken Burns. We hope that the film has lots of edits before it’s supposed release on September 12th, 2017.

Check out the film here: www.reddit.com/films/thebournereturnleak