Hollywood, CA – Sinbad had it all in the 90s. He was a beloved stand-up comedian, co-starred in films like Jingle All the Way and Good Burger and he even had his own sitcom for a few years. It’s been a tough last few years for David Askins, though. Not only has the Michigan native filed twice now for bankruptcy, but he also just lost his job as a Walmart greeter.

The Star Search contestant first filed for bankruptcy in 2009. Four years later, he once again filed for bankruptcy, owning millions in taxes, yet only making around $190,000 a year. After not receiving enough money from film and television roles and sales for his autobiography, he started working at Walmart. As he was such a famous face, and a welcoming one at that, he was instantly hired to greet shoppers as the entered the Walmart on Santa Monica.

“It sucks having to be the one to fire Sinbad,” Glenn Wilson told us this morning. The store manager has loved working with the comedian, but says he has missed too many shifts. “I used to watch him all the time. It was sad to see him run out of money and have to work here, but we were elated to have him here. Hopefully he can now focus more time on his comeback.”