Hollywood, CA – Let’s face it: Kanye won’t be around forever. The brilliant producer turned rapper has already shown his flame is fading over the past few years. He cancelled half of his tour, admitted he was broke and even pulled a Dr. Evil, begging Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg for one million dollars.

The Chicago native is married to talentless, pornstar Kim Kardashian, who can help keep him afloat with her unearned millions, but we all know her marriages don’t seem to be successful. As much as everyone wants to believe West is going to be relevant until the end of time, the fact is that he doesn’t have much time left. That’s why VH1 has brought him into the studio to tape a new episode of Where Are They Now?

Just a few months after MTV brought back MTV Unplugged, VH1 has announced they will be bringing back Whey Are They Now? Even though West is still relevant, the television station chose him because they know they will be releasing an episode on him one day anyway.