Cape Canaveral, FL – The whole country watched in anticipation today as the SpaceX was supposed to leave for its trip to space. This exploration is a big mark in history, as it would’ve been America’s first trip to space since 2011. The launch is also quite notable, as NASA has partnered with billionaire tech entrepreneur, Elon Musk to make this travel possible.

Musk was also in the news recently and he and his singer-songwriter partner, Grimes, just had their first child and named their son the most unpronounceable name probably throughout history. The public figures welcomed  ‘X Æ A-12’ to the world on May 4th of this year and the world spent a while trying to figure how the hell to pronounce such a name. Musk and Grimes took to places like social media and The Joe Rogan Experience to inform viewers of how to pronounce the name, which is actually: Kyle.

Musk woke up early this morning in Florida, ready for the departure of his spaceship. The astronauts, engineers, board members and Musk though they had covered everything to be ready for the set date and time of the launch. Unfortunately, Musk forgot to teach the astronauts how exactly he spells his son’s name.

As the astronauts buckled up and got ready for take off, they were delayed due to not being able to override something in the system. “We just needed to change a slight rotation of the axle,” Astronaut Pam Meriwether told us. “We needed to type in a password to confirm, but couldn’t quite get it right.” Apparently, Musk kept radioing to the astronauts how to spell his son’s name, but still they couldn’t type it in correctly.

“It got too late in the day,” the Sheboygan native told us. “We are planning to launch now this Saturay, the 30th.” Musk plans on spending the next few days teaching the astronauts how to spell his son’s name. That, or coming up with a password that is easier to remember.