Cleveland, OH – A lot celebrities and wealthy people have been retreating to safer areas with everything going on in the world right now. David Beckham and his family left their Los Angeles home for their private island to get away from the crowds and record producer, David Geffen, took shelter on his yacht. In what was supposed to be a short road trip to salvation lead to a fatality of one of our most beloved actors: Harrison Ford.

The “Star Wars” lead had just left his Manhattan penthouse for his Ottawa, IL farm that he purchased back in 2010. Along his drive, the Chicago native camped out in his RV and only made necessary stops for things like gas and food. After stretching his legs out at a Sunoco in Cleveland, the aviator noticed a giant billboard for the world’s largest rubber band ball. Ford left his camper at the station and walked over towards the attraction,

.Ford was greeted by an overly-friendly man. Mark Heston, the owner of the World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball, hadn’t seen a lot of visitors since the star of Covid and was more than happy to see his first customer in a while. “I didn’t even know who it was,” Heston told us. “I’m not much of a television or film person. It was actually my daughter who pointed out who it was.” Heston didn’t even charge Ford to see the rubber band ball and gave him as much time as he wanted to take pictures with the ball and visit the gift shop. Things didn’t go as planned, though, as there was a malfunction on the case holding the ball.

As Ford took selfies with the ball, eager to show his wife and social media followers, a screw became loose on the case holding the colossal piece of rubber. The ball, weighing over a ton broke through the glass and made way for Ford. Although the “Blade Runner” star was able to dodge the immediate danger, the ball shortly caught up to Ford.

Ford soon found himself in an open field, making his way for safety. But the ball caught up to him.