Tokyo, Japan – Decades ago, there were books, television shows, and movies that predicted what today might be like. Flying cars, vacations to space, and dinners that come in the size of a pill were what writers used to think would be a big part of our lives today. However, we have not seen any of these things. All that we’ve seen are robes you can put your remotes in,  and of course, sex robots.

Sex robots have been in the making for the past few years. Blow-up sex dolls have been around for a while now, but Japan has been working hard to create robots that you can fornicate with. Virgins all over the world have been counting down the day until they can own one of these things. An almost real-life robot that will answer any of your commands in the bedroom. Or so we thought.

Jin Kawasami, one of the lead engineers working on these Sexbots, told us that the robots are designed to be realistic. And by that, Kawasami means that they won’t let you have anal sex with them.

“The point of these robots is not to have people use them to get anything and everything they want behind closed doors, Kawasami told us. “We are making these robots to provide a look at what a real relationship is like. This way, if you can’t go out there and meet a woman, you can buy one of these robots and feel like you are having a real sexual relationship.” The robots are designed to do typical things like yell at you when you fall asleep right after sex and talk to you about what happened on the Kardashians earlier that day. They also will not do anal sex with you.