Harwich, MA – Parenthood is a tough job to take on. Because of this, high schoolers are taught in Home Ec class exactly how to one day take care of a baby. Some students are given eggs to take care of, others are given dolls that actually mimic the crying of a baby and the need for a diaper change. High school sweethearts, Maddie Gosling and Brendan Fenty, were assigned a bag of flour back in 2006 and are still going strong with it.

“It was only supposed to be a week long project,” Fenty recalled. “We took the class together over a decade ago, but just never gave up on the assignment.” The Celtics GM told us that the couple first met in a freshman math class and have been together ever since. During their junior year, they took care of their flour and received the best grade in class.

“We take James everywhere,” Hogan told us. James is what they named the bag of flower, after [James] Blunt, who had a number one song at the time. “Nobody even double-takes us anymore,” the school guidance counselor told us. The bag of flour is a part of their Christmas and Chanukah cards, has a seat at the table for all family events, and is even signed up to play soccer next year. “Maybe one day we’ll get married and have a(nother) baby,” Maddie told us. “Give James a younger brother or sister. But right now, we’re just so busy trying to raise this little one.