Boston, MA – Amongst horrified onlookers, Tim Tebow was reportedly struck by lightning yesterday.

Moments after signing a contract to become the newest New England Patriot, Tebow headed onto the practice field where a large bolt of lightning struck the outspoken Christian.  Within moments, fans witnessed an unbelievable transformation.

Tebow began throwing a football around and, to everyone’s surprise, many of his tosses actually spiraled.  Some of the passes stayed on the field of play and unconfirmed reports have one throw that would’ve actually been catchable by a larger orangutan.

“I would have never guessed it,” said an obviously dumbfounded Bill Belichick.  “It was as if, for only a second, he was almost as good as every other player on the roster.”  Tebow plans to test his newfound skillset tomorrow by throwing to receivers who aren’t standing still.