North Korea – The Jersey Shore got cancelled. How did you let your country cancel the greatest show of all time?” Kim Jung-un, leader of North Korea asked ┬áBarack Obama last week.

This was not what Obama expected Jung-un to say, especially as his opener. “Now I’d understand if he was upset about Malibu Country being cancelled” Obama told us yesterday in an interview at the White House. “Rebea McEntire is hilarious. I mean, a country woman now living in the sunny California; that’s hilarious. I even got one of those 3-D televisions so I could feel like I was there. Now I don’t know where I belong.” The President added.

For months now, Jong-un had been sending numerous threats to the United States, saying he was going to fire missiles in the near future. Obama, busy with a lot of things on his plate, like following up on McEntire’s Twitter, just couldn’t figure out why Jong-un wanted to destroy his country.

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