Los Angeles, CA – Tom Cruise, famous for movies like ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Jerry Maguire’ made a major announcement recently at a press conference in Santa Monica.

“I know this might seem like a huge surprise to everyone, but I am a homosexual.” He told a small group of people while promoting his movie ‘Oblivion.’ He followed up by telling them, “That’s all I really want to say about it for right now. I don’t feel comfortable answering any questions about it yet.”

The audience, who all have been following Tom Cruise for years, turned out to not be surprised at all. “Yeah, we weren’t surprised at all.” Tim Swanson told us. “We’ve all been waiting for this moment, and we’re proud of him for it. We didn’t even have any questions about it either.”

A fan of Tom Cruise, since the beginning of his career, told us, “It’s definitely weird to now be reassured the he is a gay, but at the same time I respect him for coming out. I think it will open a lot of doors for people out there. Pun intended.”