New York, NY – For the first time since 2001, ‘N Sync performed as a group this evening in Brooklyn. However, unlike their heyday when they had young women swooning, most girls were confused and dumbfounded when the quintet appeared at MTVs Video Music Awards tonight.

“Here I was, watching what was supposedly a premier event and all these randos started singing. The only one I had even heard of was Joey Fatone, since he was on Dancing With the Stars,” said Jessica Anderson. “This is supposed to be a night for the best of the best. These guys haven’t put out an album since 2001 according to Wikipedia. There weren’t even High Definition Macbooks then.”

Nielsen ratings indicated that during the band’s performance, viewership dropped 92%. Most of the remaining 8% was at a large viewing party in London. The party’s organizer, Veronica Leeds, said that the group was glued to their tv for the duration of N Sync’s performance. “We saw this group of unknown singers on the VMAs and figured they were opening for One Direction,” Leeds said.