Los Angeles, CA – On Sunday, August 13th, Breaking Bad returned to AMC for it’s final eight episodes. Creator Vince Gilligan took a hint from blockbuster franchises like Harry Potter and Twilight and broke the last season of his show into two parts.

The fifth and final season aired it’s first eight episodes last summer, then left the viewers waiting for a full year for the last eight episodes that started back up again two weeks ago. However, the return of one of television’s highest rated shows, has created a problem at companies all across the country.

Businesses have been experiencing a huge amount in absences on Mondays. One of the businesses that has gone through this problem the last two weeks is Weinberg and Matthewson, a financial services company on the East Coast. Barry Weinberg, the company’s CEO told us, “I know that Monday is a day that everyone has trouble coming in for, but I’ve never seen this many absences on Mondays, or really any days in my past thirty years here.” One of the employees of Weinberg and Matthewson, Ed Sharpner, told us, “Honestly, I don’t even mind going into work on Monday, I love my job, but the past two episodes of Breaking Bad have really messed me up. I just sit there all night into the next morning, reflecting on what just happened. I physically and mentally can’t make it into work when I have so much on my mind.”

Most businesses are just waiting for the series to end so everything can go back to normal.