Manchester, NH – At one point, you’ve probably been at a a mall with a friend who said, “We can probably get enough free samples at the food court and we won’t have to buy lunch.” A man from New Hampshire just took it to another level.

Terry Williams, a construction worker in his thirties, had always dreamt of owning the world’s most comfortable bed. “Since I first saw the commercial, I knew I had to have one,” Williams started. “However, I knew I couldn’t afford one. As my sister was getting ready to get married, she told me all about the free food samples she got and it gave me an idea.”

Williams went online and had a free sample shipped to his house. After trying to get more sent to his house and failing, he had them sent to his work and the homes of his neighbors and family members. In a few months, WIlliams had a twin-sized bed. “And the best part,” he started,  “is that the wine trick really does work.”