Los Angeles, CA – Members of the well-known animal rights activist group, PETA, have begun protesting “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” They are claiming that the film is a clear depiction of the mistreatment of animals. Members of PETA have staged non-violent sit-ins at movie theaters across the country with continued showings of the reboot. In addition, it has been reported that members of the organization have met with Paramount Pictures executives and threatened class-action lawsuit against them if they do not stop showing the film, and furthermore, abusing animals in any sequels.

“The poor turtles in the movie are subject to stunts that Jackie Chan wouldn’t even attempt,” one PETA member shared. “Turtle abuse is wrong. These reptiles are being endangered through the utilization of weapons, explosions, and acrobatic stunts that could cause internal bleeding in the animals as well as emotional damage.”

As the movie continues to make a substantial amount of money at the box office, the true fear of PETA members is the affect that the movie is having on the public treatment of turtles. Multiple cases of “turtle fighting” have been reported throughout the country, as citizens who have seen the movie are now buying turtles and raising them to fight in matches promoted by the underground National Association of Turtle Fighting. League members have been known to inject serious into their turtles, or mix “nuclear waste” into their bowls in hopes of increasing their turtle’s fighting skill. While there have been no reports of any turtle injuries thus far, PETA members have publicly condemned the turtle fighting practice and have asked for further help in stopping the epidemic.