New Milford, CT – On Friday night, Research and Development Specialist Peter Goldberg had some friends over for a few drinks before going out. As the night went on and the drinking games got competitive, one of his friends noticed a bottle of lotion on his the host’s television stand. His friends instantly started making fun of him as they implied he was definitely using the lotion for masturbation.

The Massachusetts native instantly denied all assumptions, responding “Nu uh. Is not.” He then told his friends the lotion was for his dry hands. Goldberg quickly tried to change the subject to talk about who’s turn it was in Cards Against Humanities, but his friends wouldn’t move on quite yet. Goldberg then told everyone that something suddenly came up and they would all have to leave.

Nobody believed him, but they all gathered their stuff as it was probably time to go to the bar anyway. On the way out, a friend tripped over a Fleshlight on the floor which Goldberg said he bought it on accident thinking it was an actual flashlight.