Newark, DE – If you’ve graduated from college over the last decade you know how high tuition has gotten and you also know how hard it’s been to find a job after receiving your diploma. A lot of college graduates are taking jobs that they are overqualified for and are getting paid less than they should be. Because of this dilemma, it’s hard for so many graduates to pay their loans back. Sallie Mae, one of the loan companies, has come up with a solution to help their customers pay off their loans faster.

The corporation is going to start offering free drug dealing and prostitution classes for their customers. The classes will be given online and will teach people about one or the other profession, so they can make some extra money and start digging themselves out of debt. ¬†“We know how much of a negative impact loans can be on graduates and we want to help them,” CEO¬†Raymond J. Quinlan told us. ” We’re not horrible people so we’re going to help them become drug dealers and prostitutes so they can finally give us our money back.”

Nancy MacLeod, a mother of a recent college graduate is on board. “My son graduated college a few years ago and has been struggling to pay off his loans. I think this can really help him. Not only that, but he’ll learn a lot about business and marketing along the way, which is great!”