Denver, CO – It was almost a year ago that Colorado legalized marijuana and opened up medical and medicinal dispensaries all across the state. This historical decision has made the state millions of dollars in taxes, which they have been able to put back into government funded things like schools. While the 420 friendly residents, visitors, and dispensaries employers and employees have benefited greatly from the law being passed, drug dealers have struggled to keep selling marijuana. Most dealers have been forced to start selling harder drugs or getting other jobs. One dealer is still getting by, however.

Ricky “Rocko” Sampson, a pot dealer of 10 years in the Mile High City, was hit hard by the legalization and distribution of marijuana. Rocko has always only dealt with marijuana and had no interest in selling anything else. Although he barely gets by these days, he is able to keep selling thanks to one of his clients who feels bad and wanted to keep buying illegally because he loves the risk and excitement.

Since the beginning, Rocko has sold to Tim Wallace, an accountant in Denver. “Everyone else is just buying at the dispensaries these days, but I want to keep buying from Rocko,” Wallace told us. “I feel bad for the guy. I mean, he has three kids and other expenses and I want to help him out for all of the times he’s helped me.” The Delaware native also told us that he finds that the easiness to buy marijuana takes the fun out of the whole game. Wallace still sets up his purchases in a risky way to still get that challenge and rush of buying illegally.

Photo by Brandon Nickerson from Pexels