Adena, OH – In the past, high schools have given out assignments to students that would give them practice on how to take care of a baby. This usually came in the form of a big bag of flour or an egg, and students had to bring it with them everywhere and make sure nothing happened to it. Two high school sweethearts at Adena High were given this assignment in 1984 and are still going strong with it today.

At 48 years old, Marshall and Winona Lanston are still together and have become quite the happy family with their bag of flour that they named Ronnie. They couple has brought the flour around with them everywhere the past 30 years and had treated it like it was their child. According to the parents, they planned to treat Ronnie like a baby for a few years because they wanted to make sure they’re ready to take care of a real human. However, they would up raising the bag of flour who is now celebrating his 30th birthday this year.

The couple has taken Ronnie everywhere over the last three decades. To family events, to church, to the supermarket. They even homeschooled the bag of flour and even tried to enroll it in college. Family and friends, along with other members of the small town have all learned to just go with it.

Ronnie is now living in the basement of his house as he still can’t get a job, but his parents still love him and support him just the same.