Las Vegas, NV – Las Vegas is a city full of entertainment, partying, and regretful moments. Every year in Sin City, there is an average of 115,000 weddings. Most of these wedding in Vegas don’t end up with a fairy tale ending, but a couple who got married late last night is somehow still going strong.

Robert Shipman and Suzanne Nathanson didn’t know each other until last night. Shipman, a Colorado accountant, was out in Vegas for a friend’s bachelor party. Nathanson, a designer in Miami, was in Vegas to celebrate her sister’s 21st birthday. The two met at a craps table and instantly connected, finding out they both loved Of Monsters and Men and ABC’s Lost. After countless shots of Jäger, and the couple realIzing they both love Super Mario 2 more than the 3rd one, the lovers made their way to the Graceland Wedding Chapel to get married.

After a couple didn’t show up, Shipman and Nathanson made their way up the aisle, surrounded by their friends. The rest of the night in the Marriage Capital of the World was a blur to everyone, but the newlyweds woke up together in bed, noticing their rings and certificate shortly after. Both of them seemed somewhat excited and have spent the day together by one of them swim up bats at Caesar’s palace. So far, there is no news on a divorce in the near future and they now know each others’ last names, which is a start.