Tampa Bay, FL – James Cameron’s blockbuster, Titanic, came out almost 17 years ago and to this day, the film sticks with viewers. Some people still think about it because of it’s incredible special effects, others see it as one of the greatest love stories ever told, and others see it as a great retelling of one of the most important historical events; despite some of the made up characters and scenes. However, one viewer of the film is still upset by one of scenes in the movie.

Carol Sanders, a secretary at one of New York City’s top insurance firms, has still not forgiven the fictional character, Rose DeWitt Bukater, for letting go of Jack Dawson at the end of Titanic. “It’s always on my mind,” the Boston native told us. “After all they went through and she just let him die in the water. Not only that, but she let go of him after she said she wouldn’t.” Sanders friends and family have tried to explain to her that Rose not letting go of Jack was a metaphor, but Sanders won’t take this as an answer. It has been said that Cameron thought of having Rose not let go of Jack, and the pictures in her bedroom at the end would have his deceased body hanging onto her, but Cameron thought that wasn’t as romantic as the way he decided to go.

Sanders has started many different James Cameron hate groups and now has a restraining order coming from Cameron and Kate Winslet, the actress her portrayed Rose in the Oscar winning film. A close friend of Winslet told us that the actress has been egged at different promotional tours she’s done for her films. The culprits are Sanders and other members of her clubs. As much as Winslet has tried to get Sanders to understand it was just a movie.

After a lot of therapy, Sanders still doesn’t believe Cameron, Winslet, or the fictional charater that let go of the male protagonist in Titanic. She doesn’t believe she ever will either.