Leith, ND – Gunther Rockingford was born and raised into a white supremacist family and neighborhood in North Dakota. He was raised to hate anyone who was a different color or ethnicity than him and he has always done just that. However, he recently was caught ordering a coffee at a local gas station and was beaten by his follow supremacists and kicked out of the group.

Before his job at the factory down the street, the thirty-year-old stopped by the gas station to get a coffee at the little coffee place inside. After a night of PBRs, listening to Garth Brooks, and shooting guns into the sky all the night he needed to be alert for work on the assembly line. When the barista asked him how he would like his coffee, he responded “Black,” as he thought the sugar and milk ruined the taste. What he didn’t know was that his friend, Carl Raskins, was in the gas station getting a new tin of Skoal.

The rest of Rockingford’s posse invited him out to the woods that night for what he thought would be a bonfire. When he got out there, the rest of his group all beat him and told him he could never hang out with them again.