Hollywood, CA – With only a little over a month before the 2015 Oscars, the people behind the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) are trying to avoid one of the biggest mistakes from last year’s awards. As John Travolta took to the stage to announce Idina Menzel for her performance of “Let it Go,” he completely butchered her name.

The Grease star introduced Menzel as Adele Dazeem. The mispronunciation become the talk of the Oscars. Viewers took to Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms to poke fun of the situation. There’s even been a John Travolta name generator that was created shortly after.

While the Oscars are working with the presenters, including host Neil Patrick Harris, to learn the exact pronunciation of every name, the Super Bowl wants to give Travolta a second change. Before the kick off on Sunday, February 1st, Travolta will stand in front of 100 million viewers in hopes he can get the name right and redeem himself. The New Jersey native will have a lot of pressure on him, but should be able to get the name right.

“I’m really excited for this opportunity,” Travolta told us. “I’ve been training with a vocal coach, a Speech-language pathologist, and I’ve been practicing in front of the mirror everyday,” he added.

The country can tune into the game at 4:30pm EST and will all watch in anticipation as Travolta tries to announce two names. It is already being said that people are more excited for the introduction than the actual game.