Hungary – Refugees from the Middle East, seeking relief from the war torn region, have been flocking to the borders of Europe. Hungary, among other countries, have begun cracking down on the migrants and are turning them away from the border. “I just want a good future for my family,” said one refugee as he was interviewed at the border of Serbian and Hungary. Hungary has reacted to the influx by building a fence to keep the unwanted waves of refugees out. “When I saw the wall in front of me, I was dismayed,” another refugee said. The reporter asked him if the wall would keep him out of Hungary, and the migrant replied, “Hungary? Gross, Ill skip that and head back to Syria.”

The wall seems to have been doing its job. When the refugees see the wall plastered with signs saying, ‘Keep out of Hungary,’ most of the refugees realize that they were, in fact, trying to get into Hungary, and turn around. “I want a better future for my family,” said Ibben Al Salad. He continued, “I don’t want to hang out with Borat.” Since Hungary, along with many refugees have turned around from the Hungarian border, they have begun to backtrack to Greece where they are welcome with open arms, since most Greeks have little more than the refugees themselves.