Denver, CO – It’s not even the middle of November yet, but Christmas seems to be everywhere. The day after Halloween, candy and costumes go on sale and the decorations and products for Christmas are already out. It seems every year that we forget about Thanksgiving. Even worse, there’s always that one person at the office playing Christmas music far too early. This year, one of these employees actually drove a man to quit his job.

Tim Henfield, a software salesman in the Mile High City, enjoyed his job at SoTech. He had been with the company for just over ten years and was about to get a promotion. But Debbie Malton, an accountant originally from Dallas, caused Henfield to give everything up.

Malton has always been the festive one at SoTech. She goes out of her way to celebrate everyones’ birthdays, plans huge parties for the company anniversaries, and decorates the office for holidays like there’s no tomorrow. This year, she went too far.

By the beginning of the month the accountant had decorated the office with Christmas and other wintery decorations. Henfield was alright with this. Malton started dressing only in red and green. Henfield was alright with this. But earlier today, Malton put on N’SYNC’s “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,” and Henfield lost it. He kicked down his cubicle, lit all of the decorations on fire, and went off on a rant to Malton.

Tim has not apologized to Debbie or anyone in the office yet. He also doesn’t plan to. He is now trying to find work at a company that doesn’t allow any decorations, which can’t be that hard to find these days.