Hollywood, CA – There are a few celebrities out there who have built their careers off of marijuana. There’s folk-singer Willie Nelson, comedian Doug Benson, and rapper Snoop Dogg. These celebrities have helped make marijuana what it is today and have never been ashamed to talk about their love for the plant, as well as the drive to legalize it. Snoop Dogg, or Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr., has written songs about cannabis, smoked it live on television and even has his own rolling papers and strand. However, the dogfather decided to be honest with his fan base this morning on Good Morning America earlier today.

The California native was a guest on the New York talk show and was there to promote his new album, or so everyone thought. It turns out that Snoop Dogg is not working on any new music and thought it was time to tell the world the truth: That he has never actually smoked weed before.

“I didn’t want to be a fraud anymore,” the forty-four-year-old told anchor Robin Roberts and the rest of the cast. “For decades now, pot smokers all over the world have looked up to me. It’s all been one giant act. I’ve never actually smoked weed; I just wanted to look cool and fit in.”

Snoop Dogg went on to tell us that he has always been afraid to try marijuana. That he doesn’t want to lose control of himself. That he doesn’t want to get the munchies because he doesn’t want to get fat. And that he would hate to get in trouble with the police. Every time Snoop has been seen smoking, it has just been a cigar.

“Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not,” Snoop Dogg told the audience. “If you feel like you have to change who you are to hang out with a group of people, then they probably aren’t the right group of people to be hanging out with. Just be you.”