Los Angeles, CA – If you’ve ever been to a Starbucks before, you know the demographics of the Seattle-based coffee company. There’s the white women who wear Uggs and order the most confusing orders possible, the aspiring screenplay writers, and the corporate business men and women who can actually afford a $10 coffee. There’s another demographic of the coffeehouse chain that often gets overlooked: the jazz enthusiasts.

Whenever a customer orders a mocha-frozen-hot-frothed-chai-macchiato-venti coffee, they can’t help but take a look at whatever new jazz album is nicely displayed next to the register. If there’s one artist that is notorious for having their music for sale at Starbucks, it’s jazz pianist and singer-songwriter Norah Jones.

The Brooklyn native has just announced she will be touring the United States this fall and will be playing all of her shows inside of Starbucks stores. “I haven’t toured in a while,” Jones told us earlier today. “After I had my son, I took some time off. When I was finally ready to get back on the road, my manager told me I didn’t have an audience like before. After running some analytics to find out who my biggest demographic is, we learned the answer was Starbucks customers.

Jones will be kicking off her tour on October 12th, 2016, starting in Los Angeles, CA and ending in Boston, MA. To find out more, check out