Burlington, VT – After a big upset earlier this month, democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has already found himself a new career. The Brooklyn native was knocked out of the election after losing to Hillary Clinton and didn’t know what his next move would be. After going to a peaceful nudist colony in on a Montana ranch for a few days to find peace and relax after his countless hours of trying to make a change in our country, the Vermont resident was offered and has accepted a job at the Ben and Jerry’s factory in Vermont.

Sanders has been a Vermont native¬†now since 1968 and has been the¬†junior United States Senator from Vermont since 2007. Along his presidential journey, Vermont ice cream mogul Ben and Jerry’s have backed Sanders and Ben Cohen has even created a ice cream flavor named after Sanders. Upon Sander’s return from the Zen Nudist Ranch, he received a call from Cohen asking him if he would work for the ice cream manufacturer. Sanders instantly accepted the position, because of his love of ice cream and his amount of free time he would now have.

Speculation has arisen that Sanders will be joining forces with Clinton to take down Donald Trump and make sure he doesn’t win the presidential election. Sanders is quite content with his new role, so we’ll see if he jumps back into politics or spends the rest of his life getting paid to eat ice cream. While making decisions on things like equality, war, and foreign oil, Sanders feels making sure our country gets the best quality ice cream is also important.