Hollywood, CA – It seems that every week Kanye West is taking part in a new stunt. His newest controversy, turning the whole world against Taylor Swift, hasn’t even begun to quiet down, but the “Gold Digger” singer has taken to Twitter to announce that he plans to return to college. If you’ve been a fan of West since before he publicly thought he was the modern day messiah, then you know he is a college dropout. It’s no surprise that he didn’t make it through four years, as his music career had really taken off in the middle of his studies.

Between 2004 and 2007, the hip-hop artist released three albums: The College DropoutLate Registration, and Graduation. The Georgia native attended Columbia College Chicago, but never actually made it to his graduation. In-between albums, and the death of his mother, the thirty-nine-year-old has decided to finish up his education at Columbia. “It’s very surprising he’s coming back,” Dean Sam Pockets told us. “I just didn’t think he would have time for this, but I saw his name back on the roster for Fall students.”

Pockets has been Dean of the school long before West even attended. He remembers him well as a student, has followed West’s entertainment journey, and has even brought West back to the school to speak to the students. “We’re excited to have him back,” Pockets told us. “Not only has he already paid for the rest of his tuition upfront, he’s also donated $100,000 to our arts program.”

It’s not going to be easy for West to just sit next to students in class without everyone going crazy. To make things easier, he will constantly be surrounded by security, his posse, and will have his own skybox in every classroom.