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Obama and Biden Get Matching Tattoos

Obama and Biden Get Matching Tattoos


Washington, D.C. – With only a few months left in the White House, Barack Obama is winding down and having a little fun. The 44th president can be seen in a recent sketch video, joking around about what he plans to do after leaving his second and final term. The Hawaii native is going to have a pretty tough time leaving everything that he has grown accustomed to over the past eight years. The Oval Office, the staff, the Air Force One, and his best friend, Joe Biden.

Obama and Biden are probably the closest any president and vice president have ever been. The two are constantly seen together. Laughing, exercising, buying each other things; they two are inseparable. Late last night, the two were watching the stars at night from the White House lawn, discussing how they would still be best friends after leaving their duties. It was then they decided to get matching tattoos.

First thing this morning, both Obama and Biden headed down to Body Art, a tattoo shop on Penn. ¬†shop is a very credible one that most people would have to book months in advance, but when you’re the leaders of the United States, you don’t need to wait for anything. “To say I was shocked was an understatement,” Artie Franklin told us. The tattoo artist has done some work on notable people before, but never like this. “The secret service came in to my store first and I thought I was in trouble,” the New York native told us. “It turns out, you know, it was just the president and vice president getting matching tattoos.”

Obama and Biden got American flags on their upper right arms. Franklin mentioned the two joked how they wanted to get BFF bracelets, but felt the tattoos were a little more fitting for the two of them. We wouldn’t be surprised if the two get their own reality show after they retire.