Cozumel – There are many reasons one may never go on a cruise. Fear of falling overboard, becoming seasick, claustrophobia; these are all reasons that may cause one to refrain from hitting the open seas for gambling, drinking, and entertainment. A recent Carnival Cruise line stopped by Cozumel’s port of call for fun in the sun. Some of the guests wound up getting a lot more than they bargained for when they ventured off into uncharted territory.

Due to the cruise having a shorter stop in its previous destination, the Miami-based company adjusted their itinerary to include a longer stay in Cozumel. “This was something out of the ordinary,” Captain James Shipman told us. “We never go off schedule like this, but we decided to lengthen our stay due to the shorter trip the day before.”

Two couples on the cruise decided to venture off the beaten path. After making their way past the Mayan ruins, they found themselves in a terrifying situation. An unknown, cannibalistic tribe surrounded the couples. The tribe is of the Maya peoples; a group of Indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica. Historians and archaeologists are baffled with this and can’t believe this tribe has been undiscovered after all this time believing they were extinct. Of the four people, only one of them  survived.

“Our hearts go out the families of these victims,” Deena Lawson addressed in a public hearing last night.  The spokesperson for Carnival Corporation & plc. addressed to the public. “We have already put the captain on a leave of absence and we are going to cease trips to Cozumel until further notice.”