Miami, FL – Although this winter is not as harsh as the previous ones, you can always count on birds to migrate south for the winter. Flocks of birds, sometimes in fun shapes, leave the cold for a warmer climate. However, birds aren’t the only creatures that leave the cold for a more desirable season. Robert John Burck, better known as the Naked Cowboy, has made his way to the “Magic City.”

Burck, who was born in Cincinnati, has been entertaining guests of Times Square for years now. The scantily dressed street performer is known for his guitar playing and songs and even ran for president back in 2012. If you’ve been to Times Square in the winter, you might notice the beauty and lights of the neighborhood, but also the freezing cold temperatures. These temperatures, which have been known to drop into the single digits, are not very welcoming to a middle-aged man in his underwear.

“I was there the first few winters I was busking,” Burck told us over a delicious cocktail on the deckĀ of Captain Jim’s Seafood in downtown Miami. “I’m getting older now man. I can’t take the cold like I use to. So, I started walking down to Miami in November, I stay there for a few months and come back to Times Square as the weather jumps up to a much nicer temperature.