Hollywood, CA – Ever since the beginning of COVID, artists of all types have struggled. Musicians and comics can’t tour right now. Broadway has been shut down. Actors, filmmakers, and production crews are unable to do their jobs. Yet the ones that we are hearing about most are the ones that are still living quite comfortably.

Kanye West was given a big check from Trump to go towards his Yeezy company. And now, actor and star of Goodfellas, Robert De Niro, is saying he will only be making around $7.5 million this year.

The New York native is apparently struggling this year after his lawyer said he probably won’t even make $7.5 million. To help pay the bills and keep up with his multiple residences, De Niro has taken a second job as a Taxi Driver. The Raging Bull star has been chauffeuring New Yorkers on nights and weekends and has been saving everything he is making to make sure he can eat the following week.