A freak accident out of Matmata, Tunisia today has left J.J. Abrams temporarily blinded on the set of the upcoming 2015 Star Wars film. The film kicks off a new trilogy that many die-hard fans are hoping will capture the same wonder and excitement of the original trilogy.

Everyone involved on the set of Abrams’ film has been wearing wraparound 99% UV protective glasses since day one of shooting. Abrams was seen fiddling with his glasses and clearing sweat from his brow just as C3PO stepped out of shade and into the blinding light of Tatooine’s twin suns. “The lens flares from C3PO must’ve caught him right in his squinting peepers”, said boom microphone operator, Trask Ulgo.

Abrams himself was unavailable for comment but his assistant Carth Onasi was nearby for damage control. “We don’t want the fans to worry. This is just a minor setback, and I would trust a blind J.J. [Abrams] over anything [George] Lucas has been part of in the last twenty years”, Onasi stated. Disney’s Star Wars 7 will hit theatres sometime in 2015.