Cambridge, MA – A recent study at Harvard University shows that men between 18-25 are sexually confused when looking at pictures of singer-actress Miley Cyrus.

While most students at the University are trying to cure cancer, put people on Mars, and create the new Facebook, one senior has decided to focus her entire thesis on Miley Cyrus and how she makes men question their sexualities.

“I thought it was relevant to do my thesis on Miley Cyrus,” said Greta Lawrence. She will be in the spotlight for a while, so I’ll always have something to work with over the next year,” the Portland native continued.

Lawrence had been interested in Miley Cyrus before the MTV Music Awards. She had also thought about writing her paper on P!nk, but it was Miley Cyrus’ performance with Robin Thicke that reassured her it was the perfect topic for her thesis.

Lawrence printed out pictures of Cryus and showed them to 150 men. Over 75% of them checked yes to having strange sexual feelings when looking at the “Wrecking Ball” singer.