Los Angeles, CA – A Gender Studies professor at UCLA decided to take a recent poll to figure out if men were alright with woman breast feeding in public or if they found it inappropriate. Melissa Shannon, an Illinois native, too to the streets of Hollywood to find out results.

After seeing a recent photograph of actress Olivia Wilde breast feeding her child she had with SNL alum, Jason Sudekis, Shannon wanted to find out if any men were disgusted by this action.

Half of the men she interviewed simply said “Nope, it’s totally fine with me, I wish they would do it more,” while the other half said the same thing adding, “As long as it’s not or uggos.”With extra time on her hands, Shannon asked women if they found public breast feeding appropriate, they all had the exact opposite answer saying, “Yes it is extremely inappropriate and it should be illegal. Unless it’s uggos doing it, then it’s totally fine.”

Shannon’s next thesis is going to be on if men find breast feeding appropriate or not. She believes the results will be the exact same ad he last study.