Los Angeles, CA – Late last night, comedian/actor Pauly Shore had his identity stolen after making some purchases on iTunes. The Hollywood native quickly called his bank, but it was too late. Akim Olkhovsky, the hacker who stole Shore’s money, made off with tens of dollars.

Olkhovsky, said he was incredibly disappointed that he only made $48 from his crime. However, Olkhovsky stole so little money from Shore that it was not considered a crime. “Bio Dome and Encino Man are two of the biggest movies right now im my homeland,” Olkohsky told us. “I thought I would be making millions of dollars off of this, but I wasn’t even close.”

After investigating Olkhovsky’s computer history, the FBI didn’t find anything else that traced back to any other accounts of identity theft. However, they did find a list of the next targets Olkhovsky was going to go after. The list included other has-beens like Corey Feldman, Dustin Diamond, and Ralph Macci