Denver, CO – Wes Welker, newer wide receiver of the Denver Broncos, got himself into trouble recently after allegedly failing a drug test for Molly use. The Oklahoma City native recently came to Denver from the New England Patriots and isn’t showing off a lot of potential with the season just starting up.

Welker went to the Kentucky Derby recently where he lucked out on winning over $57,000 dollars. It was here that Welker allegedly took MDMA, but with amphetamines, which later showed up on a drug test and wound up banning him from four games. The Texas Tech graduate will not only be missing out on four games, but will possibly suffer almost $2 million in fees; the breakdown beingĀ $705,882 in base salary, $705,882 in roster bonus, and $470,588 in signing bonus.

To Welker, this isn’t much. Missing the first four games of the season hurt more. Hopefully he has learned his lesson and will be able to gamble in the future with success, but without the need of drugs. Welker’s fees for one season will end up totaling more than the lifetime salaries of the average American.