Silicon Valley, CA – The news of the upcoming iPhone 6 was just released to the world and the debate between Apple’s phone and Samsung’s Galaxy phone has been sparked once again. Not only have the Galaxy fans been trashing the update, but the new iPhone is going to be larger than its predecessor, which has many Apple fans excited about the increase in size, but also has many Apple fans complaining it’s too big. For the upset fans, more news has just been leaked that the iPhone 7 will be the same size as Apples’ 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Afrer being laid off by Apple this past week, Software Developer Shong Hai decided to sell his information on Apple’s upcoming phone to Samsung. Despite the lawsuit that will follow, the Hong Kong native was paid well enough to cover the lawsuit ¬†and was offered a full-time job working for the Galaxy phone.

No reps for Apple have been reached for comment, but Hai was high up in the company and we don’t doubt the update. More news will follow as we find out the updates.