Washington, D.C. – As the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year approaches, congress is starting to prepare for their usual vote on whether or not they’re going to do anything productive for this country in the following year. For the past decade or so, every single member has cast a quick and hard ‘No’ at the same table inside the White House. Although, there was that one time in 2009, where a member almost voted ‘Yes.’ He changed his vote last second trying to impress the other members, but was fired later on that day. Nobody has seen him since then,

An inside source at the White House told us that everyone is already planning on voting “No” for the following year. Although members have until October 1st to decide which way to vote, members usually have their decisions by February.

This is the first year that the annual “Should We Be Productive Next Year?” vote is going to be televised. It will air on ABC, NBC, FOX, and other channels on October 1st, 2014 at 9pm/8 However, we have a strong feeling this will not away anyone’s vote.