North Pole – On November 1st, stores filled their shelves with decorations for Christmas time. It’s still two weeks away for Thanksgiving, but stockings, miniature Christmas trees, and other red and green products can be found anywhere and everywhere right now. Although the stores might be a little early with their Christmas products, Santa and his elves have been working hard since December 26th of last year.

Santa has been around for 150 years now and he has always managed to keep his elves happy. That is until this year. A few months ago, the elves came across a news story covering fast food workers and their demand for a higher pay. Since then, the elves have been protesting Saint Nick and have refused to make anymore toys. The elves usually make toys all the way up until Christmas Eve, but with the recent strike, Santa is running into some trouble.

With no other options, Santa had to have parts shipped to China to have the toys be made there. The toys are currently being made by children, so they’ll most likely be making their own presents this year, ruining any surprise. The elves plan to keep protesting until their demands are met and they have already caught the attention of many through Facebook groups and news segments.