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Local Man Doesn’t Laugh at His Own Fart


Claremont, NH – Since the dawn of time, men have always found farts funny. From the day they are born until the day that they die, men all over the world laugh every single time they fart. It is something that all men have in common and it is the one thing that really brings people of all different races, religions, and backgrounds together. By the time you’re done reading this sentence, men in Boston, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Paris, Beijing, and Sydney have all just farted and laughed about it.

Last night was just a normal night for screenwriter, Daniel Ora. He spent the day on his porch working on his next big script and had a nice dinner next to his dog by the fireplace. The only difference in this day was that, after finishing a dinner of hot dogs with a side of beans, Ora let out a fart and suddenly just moved on with his day. He didn’t laugh. He didn’t smell it. Nothing. The Boston native instantly caught himself and fell into complete and utter shock.

Ora couldn’t believe what just happened. In almost three decades on this planet, he had never passed gas and not laughed about it afterward. It was at this moment that he started to rethink his whole entire life. Was he finally growing up? Was he maturing faster than anyone ever had before? Before asking himself the next question, Ora farted. He laughed out loud and then was disgusted by the smell.