North Pole – For the last few years, gluten-free items and other healthier versions of our favorite snacks and drinks are becoming more and more popular. Although most people don’t know what gluten even is, everyone for some reason feels they need to never let it access their bodies again and instead pay a lot more for gluten-free items that taste like cardboard. It was only so long until Santa Clause joined in on the healthy party.

Saint Nick has been delivering presents for over 150 years and it’s tradition to leave out cookies and milk to give the man some energy so he can keep delivering presents to the world. You can only imagine how unhealthy these sweets have made Santa over the years. Not only that, but Chris Cringle went a little overboard this year playing McDonald’s Monopoly, a game he somehow loses even though he’s magical.

Santa posted on his personal Facebook and Twitter page that he would love to have gluten-free cookies and soy milk left out for him this Christmas, so he can still have the energy he needs, but so he doesn’t get diabetes. Whole Foods and Trader Joes were both extremely happy to hear about this and think they will greatly profit from it.