Hollywood, CA – Last night, the series finale of Sons of Anarchy aired on FX. The show, that follows a motorcycle gang in a Northern California, had a great seven season run and became quite the cult television show. Kurt Sutter, creator of the drama, took a note from Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan and decided to end the show at the right time.

The season has been advertising since the beginning as the “Final Ride.” Fans wanted to see how Gemma would face what she did and how and where Jax would end up. Millions of people sat in
front of their televisions in anticipation, just to be greatly let down by the end of SAMCRO.

Season finales to cult television shows are usual hit or miss. This meaning they are either incredible and everything fans wanted or they are terrible, poorly thought out, and ruin everything else about the show. The ending to Sons of Anarchy was right inbetween.